It hurts and the pain I feel is searing through my heart
as the sycamore tree sheds its leaves, the signalling of a cooler season
I contain myself inside and wait to die

But I don’t die
I stay a long time in my cocoon and sleep for a long while
not realising it is time I need and slowly my wounds begin to heal

A shedding begins as I let Him in and realise He is all I need
for I bleed
yet He is life’s blood

New spring brings a new thing, I awake from my slumber
and with a new dawn I embrace the yawn
as I step tentatively outside

I’ve changed I know, but let this me show
a beauty before the world
I burst forth from my cave, little yet brave

Like the butterflies, I surmise
there is beauty in metamorphosis


© Rewrite 2020