Charmed out of Saturday owur
sleep by freshly fried àkàrà and creamy pap 
come rain or shine
twirling around church on Sundays in native

Crowning weekdays
with white rice & assorted meat stew  
finishing each night
with a tall glass of warm choco milo  
starting each day with dettol baths
smoothing my brown palmers cocoa

Keeping four weeks single plaits by aunty Stella collecting clusters of
small glittery butterfly hair clips   
licking rainbow 
sherbet powder off chubby palms 
playing beehive bedlam at nana’s house

Paying 40p for bus rides 
blasting slow jams on mp3 players 
guzzling KA Sparkling Karibbean Kola
orange soda with Kenan & Kel

Conquering blue-raspberry jawbreakers slurping 2p red fizzy jelly snakes 
sailing with Jacqueline Wilson 
tuning into Sister Sister
spinning predicted Cs into As 
raising £3.99 gooey alien babies


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