It’s been a year … and then some!

A year ago today, the UK went under its first lockdown. The news is on in the background as I write, this is why I know what this day signifies (at least to England). I wish I could say it was planned – to coincide the launch of Changes with today. I cannot tell a lie. It is merely a coincidence. Still, a coincidence I cannot ignore, after a year where the world has seen changes at an enormous scale.

If this current period has made something abundantly clear, is that change can happen at an instant, and can happen to anyone. But change also isn’t the same. It comes in different shapes and forms. The seventeen pieces in our second issue of REWRITE READS reveal just that.

The stories, essays, poems and photo essays in this issue show how powerful, scary and liberating change can be. The writers present change not only in their narratives, but also in their form and style. Each submission blew me away, and I am so proud that the writer’s shared their work and trusted us with them.

Thank you to each of our contributors for gifting us with your words and photos. Thank you also to our readers (Aisha, Firqin and Jenn) for reading all the submissions we received. A very extra special thanks to Christina and Jenn for their amazing support throughout this process. Thank you also to Resourcing Racial Justice for making this issue possible through their fund.

And to our readers, may this issue bring you joy and happiness during a time of such uncertainty.

© Rewrite 2020