This is the first issue of REWRITE READS. What can I say?

We didn’t have a theme for our launch issue, but the writers were encouraged in their submissions to rewrite the narrative. The nine stories in REWRITE READS #1 do that in unexpected ways – from poetic and personal narratives about fathers to impressive watches with even more impressive memories and a brilliant throwback to MSN Messenger. I love every story in this issue. I hope as you read each one you feel the same way.

All that’s left is to say thank you to each of our contributors for sharing their stories and trusting us with them and to thank again our readers who read the eighty-plus submissions (Jenn Augustine, Niki Igbaroola, Tia Albert and Queer African). Special thanks to Christina and Jenn for their amazing support throughout this process, and Aiwan Obinyan for designing the beautiful website.

Happy reading!


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